Simple Ayurvedic Tips to be Healthy

It is commonly known that the word Ayurveda holds the first position in curing several diseases. While Ayurvedic wisdom is what the families can understand and enjoy when you add some of the rituals to your daily ayurveda. Simply you can start preventing sickness and disease today and stay healthy throughout the life.

The word ‘Ayurveda’, translates to ‘the science of life’, which has been in practice for more than 5,000 years which consists of huge knowledge to know ourselves within the laws of nature. As per Ayurveda, every individual, as well as nature, has been combined with five basic elements such as Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These elements have been uniquely designed each one of us and create a varied blueprint called ‘Dosha’.

When you understand your Dosha, it assists you to determine lifestyle choices and the nutritional requirements which simply benefit you most to create an optimal wellness as well as beauty. Actually, there are 3 main Doshas, which are namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. You can consult any of the Ayurvedic practitioners to know and clear your Dosha.

Here are 5 most simple and effective practices which could assist you as well as your family.

Drink Warm Water

It is very important to drink warm water instead of cold water. It helps in improving digestion. and Also helps you to keep your body channels clear for proper movements of the doshas and dhatus. Warm water helps to digest the undigested food in the stomach. It can also act as medicine in those who have kapha predominant diseases like cold, cough, breathing difficulty, obesity, diabetes etc….

Scrape your Tongue

If you did not make a peek on your tongue in the morning, simply check this out! Ayurveda explains us and you can simply learn more about what’s happening inside our bodies by just noticing the feature of our tongue. In fact, it even tells us about – how we want to begin our day? However, a body having healthy organs as well as a clear digestive tract would display pretty pink.

However, a body with clogged organs or undigested food at night before will usually pop-up with a layer of fuzz, as well as film, the quivers, even the indentations from the teeth, and/ or bumps (rather than your taste buds).

Suppose your tongue has any of the latter qualities, you must know that there are toxins which occupy inside your body. In order to clear them out, you can simply drink detoxifying juice, get full-on cleanse, or simply consult an Ayurvedic practitioner for an individualized plan. But, you must first threw-away these toxins from your tongue, and there is no need to re-ingest them inside your system. You can somewhat use a tongue scraper or the edge of a spoon (stainless steel). You can also find the tongue scrapers in most of the health food stores or online. While these stainless steel ones are simply awesome as they don’t rust. You can even scrape the tongue properly, by working from back to front. It hardly takes between seven and 14 strokes to become clean and clear.

Have a Green Smoothie for Breakfast

There various kinds of recipes which are available for green smoothies out there. But, Ayurveda encourages a seasonal diet and ingredients which balance out the qualities which have been already occurring. Nature usually brings out the dry, rough, light, cold, subtle & mobile qualities of life. This means that to get optimal health, it becomes essential to steer away from foods and activities that have these same qualities (the idea is that, too much of a good thing leads to sickness and disease).

In order to prepare a smoothie, you can add ingredients such as Banana (whole), 1 cup of romaine lettuce, also have an apple, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, 2 teaspoons of ginger root, and 1 tablespoon of goji berries, also some other ingredients like dates (pitted), which also includes 2 tablespoons of almonds (soaked), and 3 cups of water.

Now blend all these ingredients into a blender and mix well. Also, add stevia for better taste. Use stevia for more sweetness or spice for more pep.

Include all tastes of Food into your Diet

In order to maintain a balance in our system, we want to steer away from foods which hold the same qualities. The only way that you can get the balance in the diet is by consuming foods that ground as well as moisten, nurture, and warm the body. Sweet, sour and salty tastes are much more essential when you consume these foods.

  • Consume fresh sweet fruits like mango, as well as berries and peaches including coconut.
  • Have more amounts of fresh sour fruits such as cherries, plums, green grapes, as well as lemon and limes.
  • Also, you can have sweet veggies like corns and peas.

Give an Oil Massage

Oil massage usually nourishes the skin, as well as relaxes the nervous system, removes impurities from the plasma blood as well as feeds the inner tissues of the body.

In a similar way, the machine requires greasing, as well as the body, needs oil massage for a great pleasure as well as protection against the environment and time.

Here’s a list of oil that is best for each Dosha:

  • Vata dosha gets cured through sesame oil, as well as almond oil.
  • To cure pitta dosha, you must need certain oils such as coconut oil, and olive oil.
  • While the treatment for the kapha dosha can be done via sunflower oil and grape-seed oil.

You can simply do wonders in bathrooms. Just fill the tub with few inches of water, which prevents a mess from being made elsewhere in the house; while, some people stand on a towel as well.

  • You can simply heat the oil before starting the therapy.
  • Put 1/8th – 1/4th cup of oil in a clear plastic squeeze bottle.
  • Also, put the bottle in a tumbler of very hot water until 5 minutes or until it gets warm.
  • Meanwhile, make sure you have a clean towel for drying off after your shower or bath, one that you don’t mind getting oily.
  • Ayurvedic massage is usually done using the balls palms of the hands, as well as with the fingers.
  • You can simply use circular strokes on your joints and abdomen.
  • Also, use up-and-down strokes on the limbs as well.

Once you follow this, you can apply and leave the oil for about 15 to 30 minutes and follow a hot shower or bath. The pores on the skin simply open and absorb the oil deeper in the body tissues.

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