How to Stop Hair fall naturally?

Hair fall treatmentHair fall is a burning issue in the modern world. You might have tried many oils and shampoos which are advertised to be beneficial for hair growth. Ayurveda has explained in detail about the reasons for the hair fall. But before trying any medications in my clinical practice, I found a few techniques which gave good results without are of zero cost. Are you curious to know what are they?

Taking Cold Shower for Head

cold showerAyurveda advises taking only cold water/ lukewarm water shower for the head because as it is the seat for vital organs and place where most of our sensory organs are situated. Hot water shower reduces the functional capacity of these organs gradually. Even few of you have the habit of taking a steam bath then cover your scalp with a wet towel. Taking cold water shower to head considerably reduces the hair fall and in cold days one can use lukewarm water.

Exercise the right way

Exercise hair fallYou need to sweat out daily to prevent hair fall. Ayurveda advises one should do exercise for half of an individual’s capacity i.e. one should exercise till sweat appears in nose and forehead. You can do brisk walking, jogging etc…. Exercise will help to increase peripheral circulation and keeps the channels clear to supply proper nutrients.

Eating Quality and on Time

EatingYou might have heard a lot about having good food with vitamins and other nutritional factors. I know most of you are taking good food only but still unable to reduce your hair fall? Hair needs proper nutrients to grow healthy but when your eating habits are wrong even if you eat good food, the body will not be able to absorb it. So eat food only after you feel hungry, do not binge in-between. Have only three times food in a day. And most importantly finish your dinner before 7 pm.[/ap_column]

Give Your Head a Massage

Head massageUsually, women do not apply oil to scalp daily. For them doing head massage with fingertips for about 10mins daily will help to increase circulation in the scalp. The improved circulation will stimulate hair growth and helps to prevent hair fall.

Treat Your Hair with Oil

Massage oilApplication of Oil to the scalp is a must as per Ayurveda and it should be done daily. Acharya Charaka says, “One who daily applies oil to head, his scalp will be moist, he won’t get headaches, there won’t be early baldness, premature graying of hair and there won’t be excessive hair fall, strengthens the scalp and hair roots, promotes hair growth and helps keep hair black in colour. It nourishes sense organs and also improves the complexion of the face. Oil application to scalp induces good sleep.

For Better Results

This is for general hair fall and if your hair fall has some other reason for dandruff etc… detailed consultation will help to plan individual needs.


1. Follow this for 90 days without a break to see the best results.

2. Kindly mail your outcomes once you are done this for 90 days.

If you have any specific health issues do not hesitate to contact Dr. Chaithanya KS.

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