Experiencing excessive body heat can be uncomfortable and irritating. Fortunately, there are natural and simple ways to reduce body heat, such as taking a cool bath or shower, avoiding spicy and greasy food, and dressing in light clothing. Learn more about how you can beat the heat with these easy-to-follow tips!

Simple Ways to Reduce Body Heat Naturally

Body heat which is even called ‘heat stress’, is a common health problem that has been caused by exposure to high temperatures. While, the body usually cools by sweating, but sometimes sweating is not enough and the temperature rises up. Factors such as very hot and humid weather, which includes spending too much time in the sun, you can simply wear tight clothing, as well as strenuous workouts or physical exercise that certain medical conditions which may worsen the problem or cause the problem.

Body heat is not actually a disease, but it must not be considered that much lighter. In case, it is not treated well, it can become cause heatstroke. Anyone can suffer from heat stress, but people above the age of 65, as well as babies and young children, including pregnant and nursing mothers, are the people who are physically unwell and are found at a higher risk.

It usually weakens you and makes you feel dizziness, and headache, including nausea, and muscle cramps, which may make you get excessive sweating and a rapid heartbeat. It is frequently accompanied due to dehydration. There are many easy and many effective ways to specify such kinds of problems. Even it is recommended to move to a shady or air-conditioned area and remove the tight clothing. However, you can also do sponging with cool water which is most beneficial for health.

Home Remedies to Reduce Body Heat

Here are the top 7 home remedies to reduce body heat.

Increase Water Intake

Increasing your water intake is an essential way to reduce body heat effectively. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, proper hydration helps keep our bodies cool and balanced. When we are not adequately hydrated, the body can experience excess heat and become unbalanced. Additionally, drinking water-rich beverages such as coconut water or green tea can help reduce body heat specifically by helping you maintain optimal temperatures.

Cool Water

Cold water

Cool water assists you to minimise body heat, which even makes your body recover quickly from the side effects of high temperature. Soon as you notice an increase in body temperature, you can always drink a big glass of cool water. You can sip some of the cool water every 15 minutes. This will help prevent dehydration, which can worsen your condition.

The next option is to add some of the ice cubes to a foot tub that is filled with cool water and immerse your feet in the bucket for about 15 to 20 minutes. This makes you enjoy a cool bath to bring down the body heat.

Coconut Water

coconut water

Coconut water is found to be the other effective remedy that assists in treating heat exhaustion. It’s nothing but the electrolyte composition which is too good for rehydrating the body. Also, it is filled with nutrients that may boost your energy. You can always drink a glass of tender coconut water a few times regularly.


Lemon water

By using lemon regularly, you can always keep the body cool and prevent heat-related illnesses. The high vitamin C present in the lemon can assist in minimizing body temperature. It even hydrates and oxygenates the body which makes you feel energized and refreshed during the hot summer days. To consume lemon, you can squeeze the juice into a glass of water, add 1 teaspoon of honey along with a small pinch of salt, and drink this lemon juice for about 3 glasses that refreshes you daily if you consume it regularly.


The soothing, as well as cooling properties of the sandalwood, can simply minimize the increased body temperature. You can simply put a few drops of water on the sandalwood stone, rub it properly to get the paste and apply the paste to the entire body. Especially, apply it over the forehead, as well as apply above and below your feet, apply above and below your palms, and belly area. It makes you feel relaxed. You can also try applying the paste to your chest too that keeps it cool. This is how sandalwood assists in reducing body heat.

The next option is that you can either use sandalwood oil or sandalwood paste. You can get the sandalwood oil online and at your local store. Just ensure that they sell the original product. Likewise, you can get even the sandalwood paste too. However, it is not recommended to use the readymade sandalwood paste which may arrive with harmful chemicals in it. Instead of reducing body heat, it may cause various skin allergies or irritation.

Hence, the best thing is to avoid using readymade sandalwood paste. If you wish to apply this paste to your forehead, you can either mix it with coconut oil or apply it directly over the forehead. Always remember one thing, when you apply sandalwood paste, you need to allow it to dry to get the best results. This method of applying sandalwood paste will soothe your skin, as well as makes it soft and keeps it cool.


Since it is commonly known that ‘Peppermint’ contains both soothing as well as cooling effects, you may find it a really effective remedy that minimizes body heat. Take a few amounts peppermint leaves and boil them in water for about 15 to 20 minutes, then remove the leaves from the water and keep the water cooling. You can add the peppermint-infused water to a bathtub that gets filled with the cool bath water and thereby soak in the tube for about 20 minutes. Also, you can take a peppermint bath by adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the cool bath water.

In a cup of water, you can soak a teaspoon of fresh or dried peppermint leaves, then strain and sweeten by adding a few amounts of raw honey. Then keep it for cooling in the refrigerator and enjoy your cool peppermint tea about a few times a day. Apart from treating your body heat, it even gives you good relaxation from nausea and headache.



Watermelon helps in minimizing body heat because of its high amounts of water content. A potent detoxifier assists in flushing out harmful toxins from the body which increases the body heat. Also, when you eat watermelon daily during the summer season, it may make you get hydrated. You can consume watermelon in the way you want. Either eat a few slices of watermelon or mix it with some cold milk as well as sugar to turn the drink into a refreshing drink. Hence, there is no doubt that this fruit creates wonder when consumed in anyways.

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