Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Disease

Non-Hepatic and Hepatoprotective Ayurvedic Medications

Experiences in Ayurvedic Treatments shared for patients!

By an ayurvedic vaidya!


Certain areas, Ayurveda has stamped its mark in the current medical scenario, looking to expand its hold over the mainstream medicine, like India Ayurveda too is developing, and is at a comfortable position when compared to other alternative streams with Acupuncture being the next tough competitor, alas! Homeopathy has turned out of vogue, but nature has got its importance cause we live in her womb!

One such area I say is in curing chronic mild to moderate cases of Hepatic pathologies of all kinds, like Jaundice, Gilbert’s syndrome, Drug-induced Hepatitis, Viral Hepatitis, Alcoholic Hepatitis, elevated transaminases etc…

The single drug remedy of Phyllanthus niruri for jaundice is well known for all Keralites! A potent herb whose bio-chemical action over liver has been scientifically proven. Many a drug combinations exist in ayurveda for hepato-biliary disorders, like Vasa Guduchyadi, Patola Katurohinyaadi, Punarrnavadi, Drakshaadi etc…

The advent of a patent drug called Kamilaari with an advertisement tag of curing alcoholic hepatitis, even though it may seem to be an exaggeration, considering the unavailability of conservative treatments, nature cure seems the only remedy.

I don’t want to beat around the bush I will give the details of biochemical reports of a patient who came to us with presenting complaints of cervical pain and other neurological symptoms with an elevated LFT and BILIRUBIN, who after taking ayurvedic medications showed drastic improvements. The medicines used were,

1.Punarnnavadi kashaya

2.Chandraprabha Gulika 2 tds

3.Liv52 DS 1 tds and

4.Pranada Tab 1 tds

all are proprietary Ayurvedic medicines prepared out of herbs!

This is an observation, not any sort of advertisement or documentation! The patient has a history of usage of painkillers and steroids for the same purpose as advised by an orthopedician, after which he showed elevated LFT, FBS & PPBS values. The patient’s age is 30, a young software engineer, who has no family history of DM. He is also a known hypercholesteremic. Whats all this? Who is responsible? He has withdrawn all his medications and is upon ayurvedic medications!

Herbs indicated in liver malfunction :

  1. Phyllanthus niruri,
  2. Adathoda vasica,
  3. Tinospora cordifolia,
  4. Boerhhavia diffusa,
  5. Azhadiracta indica,
  6. Phyllanthus emblica,
  7. Terminalia chebula,
  8. Terminalia bellerica, etc.

There are a handful of drugs, while only a few have been named above, in the Ayurvedic texts to protect and rejuvenate liver!

Steroids, opiates, and other painkillers & Liver pathologies :

From the above history of a real patient, it is evident that the role of steroids given for reducing excruciating pain (usually in cancers), given for just a neck pain, in this case, is responsible for causing liver damage, and a pre-diabetic situation in this patient.

Doctors nowadays are seen prescribing steroids, even for simple neck pains and back pains. Steroids can be used in such conditions unless there is severe inflammation, that too in the final stages of a disease, with last grade degenerative changes!

To note is a point that, even a patient, who had done Knee Replacement Surgery or KRS for both knees, had taken ayurvedic treatment for betterment, and other old age patients avoided taking KRS by taking to ayurvedic panchakarma therapy.

Severest of the back pain and neck pain issues including cervical myelopathies had been treated effectively with ayurvedic panchakarma therapy. In such a case, the prescription of steroids is questionable? I am not criticising allopathic medications, but in wrong hands, the powerful weapons become life-endangering, rather than life-saving.

Always, the natural way is the best, as it has reserved the best in store for us. Just improving bodies defense mechanisms, and promoting rejuvenating metabolic pathways, can do miracles in every disease, including diabetes and blood pressure.

Resorting to allopathy to each and every simple disease has become a habit, and OTC(over the counter) drugs like paracetamol, gelusil, nimusulide etc, are causing serious hepatic pathologies in its users. So search the web about the medicines you are prescribed and know its indications, contraindications, dosages, side effects, drug reactions before blindly taking such biochemicals.

The medicines which you take frequently like paracetamols and painkillers are the actual killers and not the antibiotics which you take only in case you have an infectious pathology! Drug dependence is yet another addictive disease where the brain becomes addicted to a particular drug, and the patient almost behaves like a drug addict.

So be informed always for your own health, as at last, you are the only person that can really take care of you, not your mother or siblings or partners!

Liver protective habits :

  • Never skip sleep, sleep at night and wake early, rest is the first and foremost medicine for liver
  • Meat, fishes, burgers, KFC’s, fast foods, fried foods etc, eat such foods only when you feel your appetite is really good. Eat such foods in moderation always. Heavy foods damage liver.
  • Strictly limit the intake of alcohols
  • Make sure, your bowels are emptied regularly, good bowel condition is an indicator of good liver function
  • Be happy always, as depression has a devastating effect on liver function
  • Do exercises in moderation, moderate exercises boost positive hormones antioxidants, improves your blood circulation and immune levels, also reduces depression!
  • Avoid prolonged sitting before computers, mobiles etc, take a break, refresh, walk around and then continue with your work or mobiles.
  • Yogasanas like Bhujangasana, Vajrayana, Padmasana, Halasana, and Pranayama helps reduce stress thereby increase liver health. Select yogasanas where the liver position is down so that blood flows more to the liver when doing that asana.


  1. ESR-15/30
  2. RBS-210
  3. UREA-30
  5. ALP-150
  6. SGOT-73
  7. SGPT-120
  8. RA FACTOR-3.5
  9. CRP-4.5
  10. URIC ACID-10.7
  11. NA-143.0
  12. K-4.82
  13. CL-105.2
  14. RBC-5.2
  15. PLT-203


  1. Colour-pale yellow
  2. Appearance-normal
  3. Reaction-acid
  4. Albumin-trace
  5. Sugar-+++ve
  6. Bile salt-negative
  7. Bile pigment-negative
  8. Pus cells-6-8
  9. Epithelial cells-4-6
  10. Others-nil
  11. Red cells-nil

BLOOD REPORT 16/9/2014

  1. FBS-106
  2. PPBS-213
  3. LFT
  8. SR.ALBUMIN-5.3
  9. GLOBULIN-2.2
  10. ALP-135
  11. SGOT-50
  12. SGPT-90


  1. FBS-108
  2. PPBS-166
  3. LFT
  7. SR.ALBUMIN-5.2
  8. ALP-98
  9. SGOT-36
  10. SGPT-65

Within just two weeks of ayurvedic treatment, his SGOT and SGPT values have returned to normalcy. Note that these results were obtained under controlled environments with the patient being admitted as an inpatient and he was under strict dietary regimen as advised by the physician, took food at right time and slept before 11 pm. Diet, sleep, activity, stress, food all have an impact on your organs, not only liver. Sleep has greater effects on liver function as insomnia may seriously hamper liver function.

Know about your medications and its harmful effects, the right to know is yours!

Remember “Prevention is always better than cure”…..

Disclaimer: these are genuine cases and case reports, which are documented, though not intended for claiming over the allopathic stream. Just an informative article. No controversies shall not be created as the author is not interested, any mistakes priorly apologize!




Medical Officer, Arya vaidya pharmacy,

Kanjikkode, Palakkad-Kerala


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