Ayurvedic Treatment for Female Hormonal Imbalance

Hormone Imbalance Treatment

Hormonal imbalance is a condition of imbalance in a number of hormones formed by sex hormones, which can be observed by the tests and ovaries (both and female) respectively. It serves to act like lack of energy or reduced sexual desire. Hormonal imbalance is mostly affected by women and prime reasons could be environmental toxins which disrupt the hormone chemicals that drive towards a poor situation. Women of all ages can go through this condition; but fortunately, it can cause various diseases like infertility, diabetes, mood swings, fatigue, depression, etc. Approximately, the hormonal imbalance is commonly observed in males and females during the reproductive period and pre-menopause days.

There is no proper evidence of the cause of Hormonal Imbalance; but, commonly it’s observed due to malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercise/activity, admitted in smoking, drinking, pregnancy, drug abuse, sedentary lifestyle, anxiety, inadequate sleep, and other reasons.

The Safest Side of Hormonal Imbalance

Some of the common causes of Hormonal Imbalance are a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, lack of physical activity and exercise, smoking, drinking, drug abuse, pregnancy, stress, inadequate sleep, and so on. Hormonal Imbalance is one of the main causes of infertility in both men and women. The problem of hormonal imbalance is usually treated by making lifestyle changes and proper medications. In various cases, the doctors possibly advise hormone substitute therapy to the anguish patients suffering from the hormonal imbalance.

Below mentioned are some useful herbal remedies which help in correcting the hormonal imbalance that occurs in both males and females.

  1. Ashwagandha is one of the backbones of ayurveda that helps you to reduce the stress hormones like cortisol, etc. It agitates endocrine role and aid premature aging, as well as Ashwagandha helps to incite blood flow to woman’s reproductive system that increases arousal and sensation, which assists women to regain their sex drive and contentment. Women who experience the menopause issues, Ashwagandha usually benefits in generating the positive effects on the hot flashes, depression, and anxiety.
  2. Women from many generations swear by Avena sativa has commonly known ‘oats’. It is a super alleviator of menstrual cramps, libido enhancer, and normal aphrodisiac, and it has been considered in developing the blood flow and incites the central neurotic system. It also helps in encouraging physical and emotional desire for sex. Researchers have published that testosterone (a vital hormone for a sexual longing in both genders) frees the bond because of Avena Sativa.
  3. Epimedium is popularly known as ‘Horny Goat Weed’, and most women find it really incredible reliever for menopause effect. Plant sterols and Alkaloids works effectively than several drug therapies that drives these days with less or no side effects. Like above-mentioned herbs, these two encourages and stimulates blood flow and generates the activeness with a woman’s reproductive organs.
  4. Potency wood is known as ‘herbal gem’ brought from European explorers, popularly known in the new world called ‘Mura Puama’, is known to calm nerves and relieve stress. Women who use Muira Puama usually develop with greater sexual desire, satisfaction, and intense orgasms.
  5. Shilajit won hearts from Indian traditions as well as Chinese medicines, and have been derived from an organic compressed plant from the Himalayas. Chinese consider this as a tonic that aids sexual drive and physical energy. This plant gets concentrated and refined and has been created into a high potency extract. It is prepared using nutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids. Also, it is believed that the fulvic acid easily passes across the intestinal barrier that assists antioxidant availability. Shilajit also develops the vitality by inciting ATP production, and also uplifts the mood swing like lift mood, anxiety, and heals overall health issue through some extent.
  6. Alfalfa is a very high nutritious herb that is used to correct the hormonal imbalance in the human body system and its defects against the xenohormones and high amounts of phytoestrogens. Alfalfa regularizes and helps the body to recover from the hormonal imbalance and is loaded with estrogen. Hence, it works extremely well to improve the problems with hormonal imbalance. The sprouts of Alfalfa are consumed widely in the form of green salads because of its powerhouse of estrogen and are also rich in other valuable vitamins and minerals. However, Alfalfa is also sold at stores in the form of herbal tea and capsules.

Certain lifestyle changes can also make tremendous changes in Hormonal imbalance. Simple techniques mentioned below make a possible deal with hormonal changes and reclaim quality health.

  • Cruciferous vegetables, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Bok choy, and Kohlrabi are few vegetables that contain a substance named ‘indole I3C (3 carbinol)’. It is metabolized in the human body that helps to produce DIM (dindolylmethane). Both these elements help to control the estrogens and also act as an anti-cancer reliever; especially used for breast cancer.
  • It also helps to maintain a balanced weight and assists to produce estrogen in the body and induces the overpriced rare hormones, as well as a balanced weight itself which is a really a good sign.
  • Like in flax seeds, soy products, sunflower seeds and bean sprouts and legumes like peas, garbanzo beans, phytoestrogens (plant-based) substances help to balance the hormonal problem naturally.
  • ‘Try consuming all these in a moderate manner and make sure that these products are organic, and no soy products and non-GMO gets processed’. Apart from the hormonal imbalances like thyroid, and diabetic condition, may it be a little caution against consuming food that has phytoestrogens, goitrogens, as well as raw in the food diet. It may interrupt the function, although cooking them neutralizes the direct effect, and even it is always better to be cautioned.
  • From years, it’s proved to try herbal remedies for such problems like hormone imbalance, asthma, margin, menopausal hot flashes, etc. However, ayurvedic herb Shatavari is really beneficial for such health issues, mood swings, etc. It is quite helpful for both psychological and physical symptoms. Every individual health condition is different; and hence, it’s advised to consult a trained practitioner before consuming Ayurvedic medicines.

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