Ayurvedic Treatment and Tips for Thyroid problems


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A thyroid problem has been most popular in the town which is meant only for the women these days. While young girls and 50+ years of age are noticed suffering from the Thyroid. This is why, the treatment of the thyroid is permanent, and it just helps you to control the range of thyroid. Since the condition requires everyday medicine that is ideally better to penetrate with the ayurvedic medicines and other natural remedies. However, the thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped endocrine that is located in front of the neck. Ayurveda not only helps to heal the symptoms of thyroid but also strengthen the patients to live a better and healthier life.

The thyroid gland (thyroid hormones) intensely affect the metabolism level and gradually imbalance the process of muscles, liver, heart, brain and other parts of the human body system. It is also commonly known as ‘hyperthyroidism’. It is also important to understand that, there are various types of the thyroid. Hence, the treatment and symptoms would make lots of differences in each carrier of the thyroid.

Vision of Ayurveda, Hypothyroidism/Symptoms/Medicines, and Treatment

The main cause maker in the human body system is the ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha Dosha’. While, the symptoms of this condition that is notified are the dry skin, which is sensitivity to cold, slow pulse, frizzed muscular activity, constipation, recurrent infections, hoarseness of voice, and fatigue of bodily functions.

Essentially, the ‘Punarnawaadi Guggulu’ and ‘Kaanchanaara Guggulu’ are the medicines which are prescribed by the ayurvedic doctor after diagnosing the type of thyroid. The dosage and timing of intake depend upon the severity. While, the most food has a high content of iodine that includes asparagus, potatoes, fish, shellfish, white onion, etc. that seems to be too useful. Food such as sweet potatoes, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, mustard greens should be avoided.

Thyroid Medicines and Treatments through Ayurveda

1. People who have ‘Hypothyroidism’ may have stiffness in joints, and this dysfunction develops the production of uric acid, which thus joint pains that are reflected. Even there are some individuals who might even suffer from arthritis. The root of ‘Eranda’ or ‘Ricinus communis Linn’ is used as a natural remedy for gout; it should be blended with the ‘Amrutadi Taila’. This herbal oil is used as the head massage externally and orally that depends on the doctor’s advice.

2. In Ayurveda, the Nasya Therapy is very popular, which is also called as ‘Nasya Karma’. This treatment is practiced by most people who follow natural remedies, and it is also nice to treat thyroid dysfunction. The medicated oil or powders are used through the nasal passage (as advised by the doctor). This is an effective ‘ayurvedic therapy’, which is also part of the ‘Panchakarma’ treatment. It is very usual to detoxifying the body, build the immunity power and restore the balance.

‘Nasya Therapy’ authentically is used in the ‘Neti’ pot. Through this, the medicated oil can be poured into the nostrils easily by positioning the head at a tilted angle. Through this process, the oil allows you to move in from the (one side) nostril and comes out from the other side nostril.

Note: This treatment is advised to do only after doctor’s advice.

3. Basti Treatment is prepared from the ‘Urad dal (black bean)’ and warm herbal oil, which holds oil over the adrenal glands/thyroid. It helps to tackle the symptoms of thyroid and cleanse the throat chakra. Depending on the severity, the herbal oils can be changed by the prescribed specialist.

4. This remedy is not just for thyroid, but for the goodness of your health; and foot massage for your feet is important to understand that, there are corresponding points on the foot to the throat chakra that also has the ‘Vishuddhi’ chakra. By messaging (semi-circular movement) on these points for around three minutes that manages the thyroid dysfunction.

5. ‘Shirodhara’ and ‘Dhara’ is for the sake of ‘Vishuddhi’ chakra, which is the treatment where a stream of medicated oil is poured on the affected area using a ‘Dhara pot’. In Shirodhara, a warm liquid is poured in a continuous thin stream over the forehead. It even helps in the proper functioning of the psychological processes, immune system, and the nervous system of the body. This results in changes in the level of thyroid-releasing hormones in the body. It also improves the symptoms that occur with the abnormal levels of the hormones.

6. If you are having hypothyroidism, it is vital to limit certain foods which help to balance enlarged thyroid. It is all about limiting certain foods which includes broccoli, sweet potatoes, pearl millet, cauliflower, maize, cabbage and soya; also, anything that consists of the hydrogenated vegetable oil, added sugars, red meat, toned milk, iodine-rich food, and caffeine.

Home Remedies for Thyroid

Apart from the Ayurvedic medicine, there are some natural ingredients which are easily available in the kitchen that can be used to heal the thyroid imbalance.

1. It is important to consume more amounts of minerals such as calcium, manganese, zinc, and copper. The metabolic starts reacting in the body and it works smoothly; while, the black walnut is the factory of the minerals especially manganese and iodine.

2. Avoid consuming high-calorie foods; instead, consume the limited greasy cheese food, especially products which are prepared with the white flour, biscuits, cakes, and sweets.

3. By including ‘Agnus Castus’ in your routine diet, is known to aid the ‘pituitary gland’ and ‘heal thyroid’.

4. To some extent, stress is the reason for many health problems. Even for thyroid, the risk is quite high. You can enhance involving in hobbies, as well as regular yoga, exercise or even walking keeps the mind stress-free mind.

5. Please your body organs, stomach, food pipe, and kidney. You can even drink 5 liters of water that usually helps to detoxify the body. Also, sugarless fruit juices need a great support.

6. Though ‘yoga and pranayama’ is also another healthier exercise, it is important to follow the steps of a professional trainer.

Thyroid, as mentioned earlier, is not a disease, but it is a condition that can be managed with certain diet, medicine and exercise. However, there is no specific diet plan that can completely ward off the issue. It usually varies. Ayurvedic medicine is in town with the different treatment that helps to control thyroid.

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