Ayurveda Treatment for Sinusitis & Migraine


Sinusitis & Migraine is an ignite issue faced in our modern era and affects almost all the age group. Our present lifestyle plays a great role and we might have also observed many people who are suffering from this condition who usually prefer to do Ayurvedic medicines or therapies like yoga, and pranayama to name a few.

In Ayurveda ‘Sooryavarta’ is referred as a migraine, and it literally means Suns and Avarta that reflect blockage or affliction. Gradually a person with a migraine get a headache often, usually during sunrise, goes worse during the afternoon and gradually reduces after evening. Not everyone faces the same symptoms, but only some individuals offer a typical feature of illness based on their body language and habits. For some, the symptoms could be in the form of visual changes, and an aura just before the migraine episode.

Reasons for Migraines:

  • Destruction of natural urges.
  • Intake of contaminated food.
  • Food Indigestion.
  • Exposure to sunshine for a prolonged duration.
  • Intake of excess oily and spicy food
  • Mood swing like anger, jealousy, grief, stress, etc.
  • Excess intake of dry, pungent and salty food.
  • Addicted to Smoking or Alcohol.
  • Suddenly stopping the intake of coffee or tea.
  • The hormone changes in a woman during the menstrual cycle, and also the use of birth control medicines.
  • The overdose of physical activities.
  • Excessive stimulation of loud noise.
  • The smell of strong perfumes or odors.
  • Staring at bright lights, and fasting.
  • Sudden mood change of anxiety and stress.
  • Foods that increase ‘Pitta Dosha’ or ‘Kapha Dosha’ foods actually trigger to migraine condition, foods that include: an overdose of chocolate, baked food, dairy products, non-boiled non-veg food, processed foods, peanuts, fermented foods, and spicy food can help to cause a migraine at higher heights.

By following some precautions for sinusitis, your lifestyle changes in a proper way.

  • Keep yourself away from gems and infection on your hand, when you wash your hands frequently.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • For children immunization schedule is vital.
  • When afflicted with cold and upper respiratory infections, early precautions make a lot of improvement.
  • During winter, a proper consumption of water intake makes a lot of extra efforts. Precaution in drinking water is vital, and hot water is all that, which should consume during winter and travel times.
  • Protect yourself from pollution, dust, and others by wearing masks.
  • Gargle luke-warm water with salt once or twice in a week that would strengthen the gums and get relief from the tooth infection.
  • Remain yourself hydrated by consumption of water.
  • Intake of seasonal fruits like orange, pomegranate, sweet orange, apple, pears, papaya, and others using moderate temperature.
  • Avoid engaging in sports activities like swimming or trekking during the winter season, and same for long sleep during the day, as well as sedentary life foods of sweet, sour, oily, direct food from the refrigerated and salt in taste.
  • Regular exercise and walking.
  • Consume onion and garlic every day in your diet.
  • The risk factor is little high on air travel for people with sinusitis because of the pressure variation. There are some precautions that can be taken through food and medicine.
  • It is fine to avoid frequent head baths.

Follow a present diet of Vata-Kapha, as they are responsible for the cause maker of sinuses and Migraine.

  • You can consume food that is either too cold or hot.
  • Add your taste buds the flavor of warm meals that are nurturing, light and easy to digest.
  • Pongal or Kichri cooked with rice, green gram and other kitchen spices like cumin, ginger, seeds, turmeric, fennel seeds cinnamon and pepper is absolutely superb for sinusitis.
  • While, fiber-rich vegetables like what green leaves, organic fruits, and veggies bestow will help to keep the bowels clear.
  • Avoid eggplant, tomato, banana, curds which actually clog the channels.
  • It is very important to understand that skipping meals or delaying meals will disturb the gut fire (Agni in one’s human body system). This starts too low down the nutrition in the body tissue and will form a lot of intermediate problem of metabolism in the cells in which it blocks the body nourishment.
  • Include regular use of black pepper, cumin seeds, mint, onion, basil, cinnamon, garlic, honey, rock salt, coriander, feel organic turmeric, clove, ginger, licorice, and others on most of the food that you intake.
  • Care your eyes! In case of visual impartment pick perfect eyeglasses with appropriate power will not pinch the nasal bridge.

Home Remedies for Sinusitis & Migraine

  • Steam in-hailing with the holy basil. A regular practice of steam inhaling on hot boiled water will help in acute sinusitis and brings down that strangeness of the chronic.
  • Hot water vapors in your room or inhaling with eucalyptus oil/mint/clove oil twice daily would make a lot of difference. This helps to eliminate the secretions from the mouth, especially when practiced an inhaling directly to the face.
  • Salt water gargle during night or morning is an absolute trick to keep the throat and lung clear. Electrical sauna also helps to take the vapors out.
  • Applying sesame oil or ‘ksheerabala thaila’ (oil) on the face before having bath or vapor would actually reduce the puffiness.
  • Turmeric fumes is a good method, take almost 1/4 teaspoons of turmeric powder on burning charcoal and inhale its fumes or smoke. Another method is by putting the turmeric powder in a piece of a cotton sterile piece and burn the cotton piece in this process that inhales the fumes.

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