Ayurveda Treatment for Pimple Problems

There are several methods practiced to solve hair as well as skin related problems since many years. However, common issues that varied people suffer from skin problems are the pimples, and these are the first and last enemy.

Pimples are not something which is simply out of the zone. But there are few methods that could control the chances of popping out. Since centuries, most of the people prefer to use Ayurveda to treat the pimples, as it bestows positive results with no more side effects.

Let us know about some of the most effective ayurvedic home remedies that work extremely well for pimples. This natural ingredient helps to achieve a healthier and beautiful glowing skin.

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It is when the skin produces excess oil from the sebaceous glands that tend to block the hair follicles. Hence, the skin condition starts to ache. These days, it has been the most common problem of adolescents. And in Ayurveda, it’s called as ‘Yauvanpidika’, ‘Yauvan-adolescence’ and ‘pidika-pustules’.


Acne usually affects the face, back, and shoulders and other areas that are densely populated with sebaceous glands. Acnes are seen on our face and have nodules, blackheads, whiteheads or pimples.


The cause of impairment cannot be accurately described. However, to some extent, it could be because of the three doshas. Pitta dosha gradually impairs the blood and fat tissues as well as produces toxins and channels literally to a developed pimple on the skin, especially the face area.

Through the vision of Ayurveda, most of the ache forms due to the problem of imbalance of three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. The most problem maker in aggravating is the pitta dosha. These toxins or doshas accumulate intensely in the tissues like over the nutrient plasma (rasa), blood (rakta), muscles (mamsa) and lymphatic (lasika). It is when these toxins contaminate intensively and lead to Yauvanpidika. Acne/pimple is a deeply rooted condition, to heal which you can use cosmetics, as well as lotions, and even use antibiotics that can just mask the symptoms. In the Ayurvedic treatment, you will have a more changing lifestyle and practice natural medicine. Hence, there are very side effects or no side effects when consumed accurately.

Let’s understand some herbal combination that works well with pimples

  1. Neem Leaves – It is a most popular blood purifier that protects the aging skin.
  2. Turmeric – It helps by giving a glow to the facial skin and body, as well as controls the excess of natural oil.
  3. Daruharidra – Blemishes the acne scars and gives a radiant look.
  4. Sariva – It gives fresh and coolness to the skin, and even gives a better result for the complexion of the skin and leaves as it smooth like silk.
  5. Chandana (sandalwood) – It soothes and lightens the skin.
  6. Rakta Chandana (Red Sandal) – Develops the circulation of blood and also purifies.
  7. Jatiphala (Nutmeg) – It helps to fade the scar mark.
  8. Vetiver (usheera) – It helps to detoxify and cools the skin.
  9. Rubia cordigolia (Manjishta) – It helps to purify the blood.
  10. Indian Gooseberry – Amla just nourishes the skin quickly and helps better in purifying the blood.
  11. Khadira – It is also very popular for blood purification.
  12. Draksha – It helps in better blood circulation, as well as relaxes or soothes the skin.

Ayurvedic Remedies or Treatment for Acne (Oral Medicines)

  1. Kaishora Guggulu – Cures problems involved in vata and pitta.
  2. Triphala Guggulu – Cleanse the bowling, dries the sebum.
  3. Arogya Vardhini Vati – It balances the pitta and empowers the health condition of the liver.
  4. Mahamanjishtadi Kashaya – It is one of the kind to detoxify and purify the blood.
  5. Panchanimba Choorna – Heals if any skin infection.
  6. Triphaladi Kashaya – Cleanses the pores.
  7. Avipathi Choorna – Imbalance the pitta condition, especially if the ache or pore occurs due to sunburn or hot weather.
  8. Sarivadyasava – Detoxify and purify the blood.
  9. Khadirarishta and Usheerasava (two different medicines) – Cures many skin diseases and purifies the blood.
  10. Chandanasava – It dries up the sebum and works wonders for oily skin.
  11. Aravindasava – It is a blood tonic.
  12. Kumkumadi oil, Mukhadooshikari lepam or Nalpamaradi oil can be used externally on face and neck area.

Diet plays a great role, as well as poor diet helps to develop pimples 10 folds faster.

  1. Overall diet and habits to acquire for ache/pimples.
  2. Intake lukewarm water as much as possible.
  3. Make sure the digestion happens well or eat digestible food.
  4. Include raw vegetable in your diet like carrots, cucumbers, etc.
  5. More fruits (if you are non-diabetic) like apple, pear, guava etc.
  6. You must have proper 6 to 7 hours of sleep.
  7. Stay free exercises like pranayama or yoga.
  8. Need to expose the skin to sunlight either daily or weekly for about 3 to 4 times.

Habits that must be Changed

  1. Excess of spices
  2. Exposure to sunlight throughout the day
  3. Pricking the pimple area frequently (it literally spread infections)
  4. Sleeping with makeup

Home Remedies on Ayurvedic for Acne/Pimples

  1. Make a smooth paste with a tender of mango, guava, and pomegranate and apply over the aching area regularly. It fades the spots of a pimple and helps to glow the face skin. It works extremely well for people with oily skin.
  2. Crush rose petals and Red Ixora on a paste texture. To this mixer, add turmeric powder and blend it really well. By applying this paste onto the aching area, it blemishes the scars.
  3. Take the outer layer of the lemon (dried and powdered version). Mix it with buttermilk and apply on the area of the ache. The changes can be spotted when applied continuously for about two weeks.
  1. Another popular home remedies for acnes, especially for the cystic acne, is the neem leaf paste or turmeric paste, which turns to be really useful.

However, whatever remedies are tried, it’s important to first understand your skin tone and language. What natural ingredients work well and what should be avoided? As every person’s skin layers are different, it is not necessary that all the remedies work well. Analyze what works well and practice it daily to achieve outstanding results.

P.S – Before Trying any of these remedies consult an ayurvedic doctor for proper advise.

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