Suvarna Prashan Dates 2023

Healthy Child is an essential asset not only for their parents and families but also for the country’s bright future.

Suvarna prashan administration from 1 month up to 16 years is the best and safest way to make your child healthier. Suvarna prashan, one of Shodasa samskaras is a wonderful gift of Ayurveda that ensures your Kids become physically and mentally strong.

It is the equivalent of an Immunization program in modern medicine. To be administered on Pushya Nakshatra day early in the morning of every month which comes after every 27 days or once a Month.

Improper diets, pollution, lack of physical activity, and electronic gadget distractions are adversely affecting the Growth and Immunity of Kids, so Suvarna prashan is the one-stop solution for all these issues.

Normal kids will benefit from increased physical strength, emotional strength, and intelligence quotient, strengthened immunity (able to fight recurrent infections), improved memory, complexion, and most importantly a healthy life span.

For kids with special needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), delayed milestones, learning disabilities, ADHD, and developmental delays daily consumption under expert Vaidya’s supervision is advised.

Suvarna Prashan Dates 2023

Suvarna Prashan DateSuvarna Prashan Day
8 January 2023Sunday
4 February 2023Saturday
4 March 2023Friday
31 March 2023 Thursday
27 April 202 Thursday
25 May 2023 Wednesday
21 June 2023 Tuesday
18 July 2023 Tuesday
14 August 2023Monday
10 September 2023Sunday
8 October 2023Saturday
4 November 2023Saturday
2 December 2023Saturday
29 December 2023 Friday

We at Total Ayurveda provide Suvarna prashan to carry wherever you want in a hassle-free form so that you can also administer Suvarna prashan on Pushya Nakshatra at your home without missing it.

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