How to Improve Your Memory & Boost Brainpower?

Is it possible to improve your memory? or boost your brain power?, Yes its possible with some efforts. If you are curious to know how to improve your memory and boost your brain power then this is for you.

Some people might be able to effortlessly remember the most mundane details, as well as quickly grasp the new things seen or heard. In order to unlock the complete potential of your brain, you will have to ensure that your brain can be kept active as well as acute. If you watch the waste television shows, it will not help you in any way. Apart from getting the flashcards, you can simply learn things in a better way and learn new things pretty fast.

Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy

  • The best option to keep your mind healthy is to exercise your mind and body properly. Always remember, you are not just exercising for your body but also you are exercising your brain that functions in a much better way.
  • It seems that obesity as well as a myriad of diseases result in being overweight which causes very serious damage to the brain. Further, with no regular exercise, plaque may begin to build up in your arteries as well as your blood vessels which start to lose the ability to pump the blood properly.
  • You can find that when plaque build-up, it may lead to heart attacks, and even minimizes the amount of oxygen as well as nutrients that allows you to carry your blood to your brain. When the nutrients will not make it, you will find that the brain’s ability to function may get compromised.
  • In order to prevent this from happening, always ensure that you move every day, even though it’s just a brisk walk, it may assist you to maintain and increase your mental acuity. The brisk walking, as well as swimming and dancing, are all the excellent activities.
  • In order to eliminate stressors, as well as seek assistance for the depression, anything that gives you major stress such as anger or anxiety, the time might come again to consume away all parts of your brain which are mainly responsible for the sake of memory.
  • Depression may increase the cortisol levels in your bloodstream which elevates the cortisol levels in the brain. While, doctors have found that increased cortisol reduces specific areas of the brain, especially the hippocampus. This is the exact place where short-term memories are stored. While prolonged depression can damage the ability of your brain to remember anything new.
  • Getting instant 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily night may improve your memory. It also helps you to retain those sweet memories as well as recharge and improve your brain.
  • You can start your own blog, or write and submit articles to various websites. Also, you can submit these activities which might assist to improve your capacity to remember and memorize information.
  • It also becomes important to listen to the music; also research proves that certain kinds of music may be too helpful in recalling memories. Also, information can be taken while listening to a specific song or collection which can frequently be recalled by thinking about a song or ‘playing’ mentally. At the same time, you can also listen to the songs and music which can remain as a proof to improve your particular memories.
  • You can always feed your brain about 50 to 60 percent of the brain’s overall fat. It is used to insulate the billions of nerve cells. While better the insulated cell is, the faster it can be able to send messages and your messages will be sent much faster and your thinking speed boosts as well. Likewise, skimping on fats can easily be devastating due to the adult brain. Hence, it becomes essential to consume food that includes a healthy mix of fats that is needed for long-term memory.
  • Some excellent food choices contain fish like anchovies, mackerel, as well as wild salmon. While some other best food is the dark leafy green vegetables. You will find that deep-fried foods include fat, but because of their lack of nutritional value, it might assist you to develop your brain or body, and you can simply think about healthy foods and fats.
  • To remember things, it may be required to visualize the information which they are studying. Simply pay attention to the photographers, as well as charts including other graphics which might also appear in your textbook. Suppose, you are not studying a book, you can simply pull up a mental image of what makes you remember. It may even assist you to draw your own charts or figures, or make use of the colors as well as highlight to group related ideas in your notes.
  • You can teach others, as well as read material out loud which has been shown to significantly improve memory that is related to the material. By expanding further, you will be able to find the fact that psychologists along with the educators have found that, when you have students you can teach new concepts to others. But, when it assists to enhance the proper understanding, and call, you will have to teach new concepts to others along with the information to a friend or study partner.
  • You can always do crossword puzzles, as well as read, or play cards. Even studies have proven that you can either do other activities on a daily basis which not only improve your brain and keeps it active, but also assists to delay memory loss, especially in those people who are suffering from dementia. Thus, you can pick your newspaper and work on that crossword puzzle, just read a book, or enjoy playing the game online or physical sports.
  • Eggs include B vitamins, which assist the nerve cells to burn the glucose, as well as use antioxidants which protect the neurons against the damage, and omega-3 fatty acids keep nerve cells firing at the optimal speed. The other foods that are added to your breakfast consist of fruits, as well as veggies, and proteins. Always have a healthy breakfast in the morning which seems to be proven to improve the performance throughout the day.

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