Fatty Liver Ayurveda Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide

Fatty liver disease is a common liver condition. It occurs when excess fat accumulates in the liver. This can cause severe damage to your liver and its ability to function properly. If you have fatty liver, then you should try ayurvedic treatment as it has been proven to be effective in treating fatty livers. 

Do you know? Yakrit is correlated to the liver in Ayurvedic texts!  This wonder organ is behind the metabolism of your ingested food. It is the seat of pitta, the fire energy in your body. It governs digestion, metabolism, skin inflammation, and blood disorders.

So, in short, Rasa to Rakta dhatu conversion is aided by Yakrit . When the process of functions of this organ gets disturbed due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle changes, fatty liver-like problems arise. As the name says, the liver becomes fattier.

Fatty liver disease is also called Hepatic steatosis. As the liver is present in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, when it is affected, you will experience pain right there, got it?

Fatty Liver Ayurveda Treatment

What is fatty Liver disease?

Fatty liver disease is a condition caused by the excess accumulation of fats in the liver mostly in the form of triglycerides. A small amount of fat in the liver is considered healthy but when the fat accumulates more than 5%  to 10% of the liver’s weight then it is considered problematic.

What are the causes of fatty liver disease?

Causes of fatty liver

There are several mechanisms that can lead to a fatty liver
1. Increased free fatty acids
2. Increased intake of dietary fat
3. The decreased free fatty acid oxidation
4. Increased de novo hepatic lipogenesis (DNL)
5. Decreased hepatic very-low-density lipoprotein TG secretion
6. Obesity or overweight
7. Insulin resistance or having Type 2 Diabetes
8. Having metabolic syndrome
9. Medications
10. Heavy alcohol consumption
11. Nutritional problems
12. Other health problems such as celiac sprue, Wilson disease

Symptoms of fatty liver disease

Most fatty liver disease patients show no symptoms and some may show discomfort or pain in the right upper abdominal area, malaise, and nonspecific fatigue.

If you are having symptoms like tiredness, weight loss, appetite loss, weakness, feeling to vomit, confusion, poor judgment capability, etc. you have to give more attention to your condition. Sometimes your liver also may be enlarged in later stages.

Types of Fatty Liver Disease:

Fatty liver is categorized into two on the basis of alcohol consumption.

  1. Alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD)- The main cause of this type of fatty liver is the heavy consumption of alcohol. Due to prolonged alcohol consumption, the lips metabolism gets altered and results in fatty liver.
  2. Non Alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) – This appears similar to the alcoholic fatty liver but it develops in people who are not consuming heavy alcohol or nonalcoholics. It is usually associated with obesity, dyslipidemia and decreased insulin sensitivity.

How fatty liver disease is diagnosed?

Fatty liver diseases sometimes show no symptoms. The diagnosis of fatty liver disease is suspected when there are increased liver enzymes or abnormal imaging results which might have been done for other reasons.
When there is abnormal results are found doctor may ask for the medical history, physical examination, blood test along with imaging studies, and histology. Such as
– UltraSound
– CT Scan
– Liver Biopsy
– Fibro Scan

Who can get the fatty liver disease?

The cause for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is unknown and the following factors are known to lead to fatty liver disease
– Obese with a high level of belly fat
– Have High Blood pressure
– Have Type 2 diabetes
– Have High cholesterol
– Sedentary lifestyle
– Post menopausal women
– Have obstructive sleep apnea
– Medications such as corticosteroids and some cancer-treating drugs
– Rapid weight loss
– Infections such as hepatitis C
– Expose to toxins
– Middle-aged or older
Alcoholic fatty liver disease is caused due to heavy consumption of Alcohol for long period.

How is fatty liver disease is treated?

As there is no Specific medication for Fatty liver disease, they are usually identifying the causes and avoiding them. Fatty liver disease is considered as the hepatic manifestation of metabolic syndrome and treatments are dependent on individual factors and risk factors such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.
In the early stages and the patients who do not have any signs of liver damage and fibrosis may not need any medications.

How to prevent fatty liver disease?

Adopting a healthy diet, following lifestyle changes such as regular physical exercise have shown improvement in fatty liver disease, inflammation, and fibrosis.

Can we reverse fatty liver disease?

Fatty liver has considered a reversible condition. If you avoid the factors that are responsible for fatty liver one can reverse it in the early stages.

What is good for fatty liver disease?

Diet plays a vital role in treating fatty liver disease. In the early stages, fatty liver can be reversed by choosing the right food, and food portion. A reduced-calorie diet is found beneficial for sustained weight loss.
One should avoid preserved and high sugared foods and beverages.

What lifestyle changes can help in fatty liver disease?

An active lifestyle with regular exercise will help to reduce excess weight. Weight reduction helps in reducing fatty liver disease. One should follow a moderate-intensity exercise for sustained weight loss.

Fatty Liver Disease – An Ayurvedic View

According to Ayurvedic classics like Yoga Ratnakara,  Vidahi – spicy food and Abhishyandi food which blocks the channels causes pitta and Rakta dosha vitiation in the body leading to an imbalance of functions of the liver. As per Charaka Samhita, Sthoulya (obesity) and medoroga ( deceased state of fat metabolism) are also associated with this.

Your diet should contain Yava – a type of barley, madhudaka – honey with water-like ingredients to combat fatty liver kind of lifestyle diseases. Addictions like tobacco and alcohol also add to this alcoholic fatty liver disease. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is when excessive triglycerides accumulate in your liver.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is also found more in males who are having a higher waist to hip ratio compared to females.

Causative factors according to Ayurveda

The causative factors leading to fatty liver are the consumption of plenty of milk and dairy products with excessive spices like chili and no physical exercise with a sedentary lifestyle. Even your afternoon naps can definitely contribute to this! Kapha predominant Prakriti or kapha pitta predominant Prakriti people can get this easily. Mend your lifestyle and diet to protect your liver now itself!

Progression of liver disease

It can progress from simple fatty liver to liver failure in later stages.

Dietary advice

The diet of fatty liver-affected people should consist more of Vitamin E-rich sunflower seeds, peanuts, spinach, soybean, broccoli, papaya, and nuts. Omega 3 fatty acids containing diet include flax seeds, walnuts, cauliflower, and fish oil which are also good for your liver.  Next, you have to depend on Vitamin D-rich foods like orange juice, cod liver oil, and fortified cereals.

Just again remember to quit your addictions for your dear liver. Reduce artificial sugar and harmful synthetic ingredients rich food too.  When you are malnourished or are under specified drugs and diseases like IBS, you are prone to getting liver damage.

Fatty Liver Ayurveda Treatment

The ayurvedic treatment principles adopted depends on the causes of fatty liver disease

  • Treatments that help to reduce fat (Medohara chikitsa).
  • Medicines which helps to clear the channels (Srotoshodana oushada).
  • Treatments for over nourishment (Apatarpana Chikitsa).
  • Lekhaniya (scraping action) drugs for decreasing body fat are ideal for treating Fatty liver.
  • Liver specific treatments.
  • Kapha reducing treatments.
  • Purgative medicines which has drying properties are used.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Fatty Liver

Ayurvedic medicines are selected depending on the state and stage of fatty liver disease. Below are a few medicines that are commonly used to treat fatty liver disease. [Self medications are dangerous. Consult your doctor for your health issues]

  1. Dashamulapanchakoladi Kashayam
  2. Guggulutiktakam Kashayam
  3. Kaidaryadi Kashayam
  4. Panchatiktakam Kashayam
  5. Tiktakam Kashayam
  6. Vasaguluchyadi Kashayam
  7. Rohitakarishtam
  8. Ayaskriti
  9. Lohasavam
  10. Gomutraharitaki
  11. Kaidarya Choorna
  12. Triphala Choorna
  13. Trivrit Choorna
  14. Panchanimbadi Gulika
  15. Shiva Gulika
  16. Dashamula Haritaki Lehyam
  17. Guda Pippali

Ayurvedic medicines like Aarogya Vardhini Vati and Triphala Guggulu have been given to patients with Pathya and without Pathya and the results have been clinically noted as per researchers.

These herbal mineral drugs help to bring improvement in liver function tests, fasting blood sugar, and body mass index. The group with Pathya had more results than without Pathya.

  • You can try consuming 2 grams of long pepper; pippali choorna with one teaspoon of honey once or twice a day for one month.
  • You can also add 2-gram turmeric paste with 3 teaspoons of Amla juice and take it once or twice a day.

[It is advised not to use ayurvedic alcoholic preparation such as Asava’s and Aristam’s, Medicated Oils (thaila’s), Medicated Ghee’s (Ghrita) as they can worsen the condition in the initial stage of treatment]

It is to be noted that this metabolic syndrome increases the risk factor for getting obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, liver cirrhosis, hepatic cancer, etc. Hepatic cancer and liver cirrhosis come under terminal complications.

Commonly used Ayurvedic Herbs in Fatty Liver Treatment

Single drugs like  Commiphora Mukul ( guggul), Azadirachta indica (neem), Picrorhiza kurroa (Katuki )are considered to be very effective in controlling the fatty liver disease.

Andrographis paniculata (kiratatikta ) is liver protective, an antioxidant, and an anti-inflammatory herb in nature. Guggulu contains phytoestrogen Guggulsterone which helps to reduce the triglycerides levels and phospholipid levels.

Neem is Pitta and kapha reducing in nature. It also reduces excessive meda (fat) too.

Turmeric and garlic also help in controlling the excessive Medo dhatu when taken properly. Katuki is a detoxifying anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant herb that is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Fatty Liver

Vamana (medicated emesis),  Dhoomapana( medicated smoking), measures like voluntary fasting, inducing thirst, carminative and digestive drug intake, etc come under therapeutic measures as per Ayurveda.

Udwartana – massage with medicated powders or paste in the direction reverse to the body hairs is good to reduce problems due to obesity.

Key of fatty liver disease treatment

Controlling your diet, and having proper exercise like jogging, swimming, and yoga asanas help you to maintain your lifestyle properly and aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

You should also abstain from having too hot, spicy, fried, and junk foods so that your liver doesn’t get overloaded. You can use herbal medicines as they are considered safe compared to other drugs which may cause liver damage again.

In short, if you are considering boosting your health, it is easily possible. So first you have to take care of your health, then your liver also will come in that way. Start loving your liver to get long-lasting health ahead in the future also.

Take away

Fatty liver disease is caused due to excess accumulation of fat in the liver. It may occur due to intake of a larger quantity of alcohol for a prolonged period or due to various other causes such as intake of excess fat, obesity, etc…

As there is no approved medication to treat fatty liver disease dietary and lifestyle changes are the primary line of treatment. Fatty liver disease can be reversed if it is treated in the early stages.

“This article does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on this website. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call or visit your doctor.”
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