Dandruff Treatment in Ayurveda

Natural and Effective Dandruff Treatment in Ayurveda The word dandruff is of Anglo-Saxon origin, a combination of ‘tan’ meaning ‘tetter’ and ‘drof’ meaning ‘dirty’. It …

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair loss

Worried about hair loss? Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair loss can help to arrest your hair fall. Eating right and living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding harsh chemicals for your hair care is found beneficial in preventing hair loss.
Hair loss is a situation that one or the other person must have to go through at a certain point. While it’s a hard time to collect the chunks of hair falling out. It’s an untamed cycle and one that’s never-ending. But, it is possible to manage the hair fall from a severe stage by following a healthy lifestyle along with some ayurvedic remedies.