Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

gynecological disturbance that is so common in females in their reproductive age. Back in the years, the prevalence of abnormal uterine bleeding was to be around 17.9%. Around 32.72 percent of women all over India consults gynecologist with symptoms of abnormal uterine bleeding. 82.9 percent of this disease prevails in women of reproductive age. However, both menarche and post-menopause cases are notable with 12.7 and 9.21 percent of prevalence.

Endometriosis and its Treatment

Endometriosis happens when the uterine endometrium that should grow in the uterine wall goes beyond it to the pelvic region. The occurrence of this condition …

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Adenomyosis Treatments

Ayurvedic Treatment for Adenomyosis Adenomyosis is a common condition in women. It’s also known as reverse of endometriosis., and it can cause pain and irregular …

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