Best Ayurvedic Tips to Reduce Vata Accumulation

It is common that, all people expect most beautiful and glowing smooth skin which is desirable for every woman and is really appreciated by every man. Somehow, it is common that, people get attracted towards those who have got a very clearer a glowing skin, which is really a great sign of good health. Even Ayurveda has been proven to make your skin clearer, as well as soft, and radiant and keeps you away from any harmful chemicals which are present in the skin products sold in the market.

It is very important to know the reasons for the skin that tends to become dry and rough or get irritated during particular seasons and with age. As per Ayurveda, it usually happens due to the huge accumulation of Vata inside the body. Vata predominates in the fall and early winter season, and in the people who are aged more than 50 years. When there is an excess Vata, skin gets dry, as well as crack the joints, and even thins the dry hair and even the brittle nails.

Vata can even display in the body earlier if you get stressed, where a Vata disturbs diet or live in a Vata that induces climate (cold and dry). And the secret to remaining young is to keep Vata at a bay.

Below are some of the Ayurvedic tips that reduce the speed of Vata accumulation inside the body and will assist you to stay young and beautiful.

Always include Veggies in your Diet


Ever choose the high-water content vegetables that become easy to digest like lettuce, carrot, as well as cucumber, and so on. Such vegetables are tridoshic, which are too good for various kinds of skin. Hence, you can use these veggies in your diet.

Have Seeds in your Dietary

Both traditional, as well as Ayurvedic medicine, allow you to add seeds and nuts in your diet which would improve the skin condition. But, Vata usually dries by nature; hence, all foods which have natural healthy fats prevent this imbalance.

Nuts and seeds are a perfect food as per the researchers, and these generally contain Omega-3s, healthy fats, that consists of the fiber to assist a poor Vata digestion. Also, you can try to add few of the almonds, as well as sunflower and flax seeds, including other nuts to your oatmeal.

Drink a Cup of Tea

Vata is dry as well as cold by nature; hence, your skin stays younger and remains healthy longer.

Remain hydrated all over the day, as well as consume only the warm liquids such as herbal tea. Prepare some best spicy tea along with fresh ginger and lemon which makes you wake up in the afternoon. It further keeps your digestion healthy, which is very important for your glowing skin.

Pump It Up

Exercising is very important to prevent cold Vata from getting accumulated. Likewise, these modern doctors advice to exercise properly and keep your muscles as well as joints healthy and well-toned, and removes excessive sweat through toxins. Also, do some proper exercise to improve the blood circulation, as well as digestion that gives you a very healthy blush!

Always select the best exercise which makes you feel great and provides you energy without making you get exhausted. No matter whether you are walking or jogging, dancing, doing yoga or boxing, have fun moving your body.

Breathe In and Release

Too much of emotional and mental stress has been one of the major reasons where Vata gets aggravated which is not good. This stress removes the vital juices from your skin and thereby makes it dehydrated. Meditation and breathing may be too effective stress busters which you may need to consider.

In order to get started with yogic breathing, simply lie on your back or sit comfortably, then place one palm on your belly, and the next another one over your chest. Later, start inhaling inside your belly, allowing it to rise slowly, then start inhaling into your ribs, and further expand the ribcage up and out. Also, allow the air to fill up your lungs fully by inhaling to your chest.

It is important to track your breathing, as well as your belly, ribs, and chest. When you exhale, ensure that air moves in the opposite direction like chest, ribs, as well as belly that sinks in. Always use too simple and very effective breathing techniques for about 5-10 minutes before an important meeting or before you go to sleep.

Doze Off with Sunset

Aggravated Vata frequently causes restlessness that leads to insomnia! Any skin care professional or Ayurvedic doctor usually agrees to the fact that, getting at least seven hours of sleep is really an awesome thing that provides a very healthy and glowing complexion.

Take Skin Moisturizer to a New Level

Staying hydrated inside is a very important thing, but at the same time, you must take care of your skin from outside. However, cleansing and moisturizing are the very crucial aspects that keep your skin healthy and young. While the oil massage is the excellent remedy used specifically for a dry skin. To get absorbed well, it is really fantabulous to get the best absorption, as well as anti-aging oil massages which must be done at night.

Apricot oil can be applied 2-3 times in a week during night time, which makes the skin smooth and healthy. Also, give yourself a full body massage with oil for at least once a week. It increases healthy blood circulation, as well as minimizes water retention, that keeps your romantic relationship exciting!

Abhyanga, a full body oil massage generally calms the mind, leaves you to feel grounded yet focused as well as keeps you alert, as well as balances emotions. You can also use natural organic oils which is much affordable than the chemical-loaded lotions available at a pharmacy. You can try these ayurvedic oils for treating your doshas like Kapha, Pitta, or Vata.

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