Revitalize Your Tresses: The Magic of Ayurvedic Hair Oil Unveiled

Ayurvedic hair oil is a great way to treat your hair. It's made from all natural ingredients, so it's free of any harmful chemicals. The ayurvedic hair oil helps to prevent dandruff, scalp itchiness and many other diseases. It also prevents split ends, premature greying of hairs, headaches, improves hair growth. so you'll have healthy-looking hair for years to come!  

Ayurvedic hair care at the best!

Do you know what Ayurveda, the ancient wisdom says about caring for your beauty? Ancient beauty recipes were natural and effective making you an enchanting beauty in no time! Interested to know more – read ahead!

Ancient daily regimen – Abhyanga for body and hair

Even the simple oil bath is called Abhyanga in Ayurvedic texts. Abhyanga is a wonderful daily ritual that wards off fatigue and acts as anti-aging making you energetic and youthful. Abhyanga bestows keen sense organs and makes skin and body sturdy and Ayurvedic acharyas also advise you to apply oil on the scalp, behind the ear, and foot.

Do you know?

Applying oil on your scalp, especially of cold potency like Neelibhringadi oil not only gives you hair growth and shine but also provides you with sound peaceful sleep, and a serene state of mind.

Oil application guide

As you know, hair denotes asthi dhatu mala in your body. Your hair strands show how strong is your nutrient supplementation in your daily routine. If you are lacking calcium, phosphorous, etc, it affects your hair health also. Did you notice, that you have more hair fall just after suffering from immunocompromised situations like fever, etc? Yes, this happens. This is why you are advised to have Ayurvedic immunity boosters like Chyawanaprasha‘s faithful companion for preserving vitality for a long time.

How to apply hair oil?

Hair oil application depends on your hair type and concern. If you have less hair and it is of the normal type, you can take a sufficient amount of hair oil and apply it. If you feel the scalp is itchy or impure, you can wash your hair with natural hibiscus or shikakai essence. This will also make your hair soft, silky, and shiny. Apply hair oil before bath and wash it off earlier if you have sinusitis or cold-like symptoms. If you have a hot natural body, keeping the oil for some more time is not that much to be scared  Wash it off when you feel to do so while taking a head bath.

Skip oiling your hair when

You are having cough, cold and fever-like conditions, and experience sneezing or more neck pain-like issues. You should also give attention to the tip of the hair, whether it is having a brittle nature with split ends or roughness. If you find your hair unhealthy and shining less, apply hair oil suiting your body temperament, the Prakrti. Your Ayurvedic physician can help you find your Prakriti and suitable oil for daily use.

Various Ayurvedic hair oils that suit your condition

  • Ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth – Amalaki thaila, Chemparutyadi keram, Kayyonnyadi kera.
  • Ayurvedic hair oil for hair fall/hair lossBhringamalakadi Keram, Bhringaraja Thaila, Bhujagalatadi keram, Chandanabalalakshadi thaila, Chemparutyadi keram, Kayyonnyadi thaila, Kuntalakanti keram, Malatyadi Thaila, Narasimha thaila, Neelibhringadi kera, Neelibhringadi Thaila, Nimbadi Kera, Prapaundarikadi thaila, Thriphadi Kera.
  • Ayurvedic hair oil for premature greying of hair – Bhringamalakadi keram, Bhringamalakadi Thaila, Brahmi Thaila, Himasagara Thaila, Kayyonnyadi kera, Kayyonnyadi thaila, Kheerabala Thaila, Madhuyasthyadi Kera, Malatyadi Kera, Narasimha thaila, Neelibrhringadi thaila, Neelibhringadi kera, prapaundarikadi thaila, Triphaladi Kera, Triphaladi Thala, Yasthimadhu Thaila.

If you have conditions like sinusitis, migraine, allergies, etc, oils like Balahathadi can be used.

If you are having sleeplessness and dry hair with hair fall, oils like Neelibhringadi with cold potency and hair-nourishing herbs like indigo, amla, and bhringaraja can help you.

If dandruff and itchy scalp trouble you, Dhurdhura patradi oil can save you.

There are other factors also deciding if the oil will be effective or not. Even your location, diet, and water used for bathing can change the nature of your hair.

Hair growth-promoting herbs – a gist

Make your cherished hair grow faster with the help of hair packs using these marvelous herbs.

Let’s see some of these here.

  • Methi – Methi seeds are cold in nature, if you have the hot nature of your body, this herb can be a friend for your hair-boosting process. Soak Methi seeds overnight in water and filter this water in the morning. Use this cold herbal water to wash your hair, you will get calm and crystal clean hair with this hair wash.
  • Another cool – cool companion is Aloe vera essence. You might have heard of local customs in various parts of India that promote hair nourishment and shampooing using aloe vera gel on the weekends. You know, this is indeed a soothing healing herb for your hair follicles. It can ward off every ill effect caused by heat exposure on your hair and scalp.
  • Amla and indigo hair pack can help you get shiny black hair with regular use. Think of vitamin supplementation, think of Amla.
  • If you need a natural hair shampoo, shikakai and hibiscus can help you and if you wish to condition your hair after that, henna is the word for you. Henna also helps you get that golden brown shining effect when exposed to sunlight. It protects your deep hair roots effortlessly.
  • Scared of dandruff and scalp infections? Neem is there for your help. Add neem paste to your hair pack and apply slowly to the affected area. You can also try washing with neem boiled water for antiseptic all-around protection of the scalp.

Hair oil at home – common ingredients

For preparing hair oils at home, some other herbs can immensely help you. Herbs like Tulsi, curry leaves, and oils like sesame oil, castor oil, and coconut oil are enormously beneficial in the matter of hair oils. If you need a cool oil, castor or coconut can help you. Castor is heavy and should be used in less quantity compared to coconut oil. Sesame oil is hot in potency and is the base of many of the classical Ayurvedic formulations. You can simply ascertain what is the exact base of oil by checking its name, if it is thailam, it has Tila thailam (sesame oil) as a base. If it reads as keram, coconut oil is used as the base.

Care your hair – remember these tips

  • No harsh chemicals on hair, blow dryers, or exposure to sunlight, dust, etc.
  • Never take too much stress, practice relaxing yoga, and meditation.
  • Never have too much hot, cold, dry, or spicy food which makes your hair messy and dehydrated.
  • Always have pure herbal boiled water like that of rosewood, coriander, vetiver, etc. for better cooling of your body and hair. Use this tip, especially in the summer season.

Share your stories with your hair while massaging each strand, let your hair remain healthy and in bounty.

Take away 

Ayurveda is a holistic healing system from India. It’s based on the principle of maintaining balance in all aspects of life, and it focuses on self-care and health. Ayurvedic hair oil has been used for centuries to treat various scalp conditions and other diseases Regular application of ayurvedic hair oil helps to improve hair growth, prevents premature greying of hairs, itching, and split ends, and keeps hair dark and dense.

“This article does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on this website. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call or visit your doctor.”

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